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    1. Background Check Steps

    1. Chapters Video

    1. Chapter 1: Compliance First

    2. Compliance: FCRA

    3. Compliance: EEOC

    4. Compliance: State and Local

    5. Compliance: BGC Policy

    6. Compliance Quiz

    1. Chapter 2: Social Security Number Trace

    2. Social Security Number Trace Quiz

    1. Chapter 3: County Criminal Part 1

    2. County Criminal Searches (part 1) Quiz

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Jared Callahan, Private Investigator

Jared Callahan

I'm a licensed Private Investigator who has spent over 25 years consulting and implementing background check programs and strategies for some of the largest companies in the world including Uber, Shipt, Warner Bros. and Grubhub. I have presented to the National Human Resources Association, Employment Advisory Council, California Hospital Association, and the National Association of Colleges and Employers. I have provided Expert Witness Testimony to the City of New Orleans, New Jersey Attorney General, Mayor's Office of the City of Chicago, San Diego Port Authority and the Portland Bureau of Transportation.